Below I present materials prepared for Bugfighters, a company that trains and implements testers.

The very beginning of the cooperation – preparation of visual identification – was quite a challenge. The company wanted to distinguish itself from the competition that focused on a classic image for the IT industry. That is why I proposed a rather unusual solution – departing from the schemes and opting for a comic book atmosphere, with a grain of salt. And this is how the hero of the brand was born – a worm, a bug known from IT, and their catching is done by testers

This is how my cooperation with Bugfighters began, and along with it, a multitude of worms grew, often designed for a specific project. You can see them on virtually every graphic element that I have prepared for the brand.

Two forms of the logo, prepared for the brand

A signet and an alternative form of a character for use without a logo

Logo of a dedicated program used for training


Logo of the student training method developed by the Bugfighters team.

Worksheets for students

It is a question sheet, shared during the class. Below is a sheet with answers, sent to students by the instructors.

Printed materials

Promotional comic

Sample presentation