MACHINA MAXIMA? Who are we talking about?

Piotr Kochański – art director, creative graphic artist, designer, draftsman, sometimes an animator, but most of all the main operator of the lever in Machina. I have over a decade of professional experience in digital arts and artistic management. I create graphics for the Internet and print – from tiny icons to comprehensive building visual identity. I will create a website on WordPress, prepare a mailing from A to Z and bring a large project to a happy end, linking a number of small activities together and arranging things that need to be done.

In addition, I am a philosophy graduate, and studies at this faculty (contrary to harmful opinions about impracticality) have taught me to think outside the box and to take an innovative approach to the problems encountered. In other words, I can break open doors in many interesting ways.

In my free time I draw, read fantasy and play games. Starting from board games and card games, through role-playing games, to computer games. Sometimes I also design something playable.


Maybe we can do something together?