My task was to prepare the main product catalog of the Maxlight lighting brand. The task is so complicated that each catalog is about 500 pages filled with thousands of products, each of which needed a packshot photo, technical drawing, description and often arrangement photo. It required cooperation of many people and the process itself was complicated and required careful planning.

From 2015 to 2018, I was responsible for the artistic direction of the project. The scope of my work included: concept, design and execution of a catalog, preparation of vector technical drawings and preparation of the whole project for printing. I also supported a photography studio in image processing and preparation of visualizations. In addition, I developed all the necessary marketing materials during the promotional campaign for the new lamp offer and the catalog presenting them.

Starting from 2019, I took over the overall management of the project, extending my duties by, among others, team management (technical team, photography studio and copywriters), negotiations with printing houses and preparation of a promotional campaign for the new lamp offer.

The catalogs have been prepared in Polish and English language versions, along with interactive online versions.

Catalog of new products 2022

Catalog 2022

Catalogs 2020 & 2021

Catalog 2019

Catalogs 2017 & 2018 

Catalogs 2015 & 2016