A card game for 2-4 players introducing the secrets of running a company in Poland. It will be a bit bitter, a bit sad, but most of all fun and realistic.

A great game for those who plan to open their own business and want to confront the competition and the bureaucratics and then beat them. Or for people who just like to laugh at the surreal reality around them.

Zen of Business was created as a supplement to the Zen of Sarcasm universe, i.e. a satire of life in the form of a comic, published for many years. Players take on the role of entrepreneurs whose task is to build a thriving company and survive on the market. In addition to competition, they have to face a “caring” state that tries to show them at every step that it is better and more peaceful to live on social benefits.

But what is this all about?

The basic mechanics of the game is deckbuilding, i.e. building a deck during the game. Players start out with small base decks that represent their companies. There they will find a few employees, customers and obligations to the state, without which the modern company cannot exist. Over time, when companies start to bring in income (measured in currency – Zencoins), players will be able to build up their decks with more powerful cards.

Company decks will start to get bigger, players will be able to buy more experienced employees, gain richer customers, and at the same time they will have to spend more and more time confronting officials (and competitors – other players).

The crew

The one who invents, draws and puts everything together.

Creator of mechanics, graphics and descriptions.

An embankment of everything that the guy on the left cannot comprehend.

So an important persona.

What stage of design is the game at?

A lot of things are going to change, but the main core is ready. Now we play, check, balance, discard and sometimes add something.

And we cut a lot out of paper …